CR10 Z-brace Stiffener Remix

I recently remixed this CR-10 frame stiffener from Thingiverse. It's a small mount that screws to the 2020 frame of the CR-10 3D printer allowing a piece of threaded rod to create an angled brace that increases the frame rigidity.

As you can see below in the comparison image, the main difference were the quality of life enabling the CAD to be easily edited, part radii, and a flat interface for the external screw.

Left: Remix, Right: Original

Left: Original, Right: Remix

It's a great initial design that is extremely simple and effective. I hope my quality of life additions will make the design accessible to even more people. Below you can see the first set fitted to my CR-10s and where the flat section interfaces with the external nuts.

This was printed in white PLA at 0.2mm and 100% infill. I have also annealed the parts in the oven.