Clothes Airer Upgrades

Following on from my previous post, I realised that if my portable clothes airer is to last any reasonable amount of time when used outside, it needs some enhancements.

Upgrade One: Additional Latch

The airer has a brace that props up the horizontal drying racks on either side, with a small latch that secures it in place. I noticed that the racks were often falling to one side. This was happening on the opposite side to where I used the latch, and If I just use the latch in the middle it will deny me the full width of a rack to hang things.

Version 1 only loosely dropped into place

Version 2 securely clicks into place on both ends and is thicker for added strength. The supplied latch is pictured behind.

Version 1 & 2 side by side

Upgrade Two: Cross Brace

Further addressing the main issue where the horizontal drying racks were collapsing, I produced an additional brace the serves to further bolster them. This design balances both racks across a central beam.

First iteration (bottom) compared to the second iteration (above)