Korben Dallas Blaster from The Fifth Element

I attended a space themed costume party recently and one of the suggestions for the event was The Fifth Element, as a fan of the movie I seized the opportunity to dress as a character.

Korben Dallas is a great option due to the ease of approximating the outfit, however I became fixated and had to have the multipass and blaster too!

Thankfully a multipass model was readily available, but I couldn’t find anything free for the blaster…

Multipass file https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2317320

This is the first prop i’ve ever designed and given that I only work in parametric packages, the detailing process was quite tedious. Due to the tight deadline, I ended up skipping a few details as you can see in the comparison below.

As it’s also a fairly large print, I opted for 0.2mm layer height. The unintended effect of this layer height ended up creating a topographical contour map which looks really neat.

The finished design is comprised of two halves and locating pins that are glued together. The only difference between the halves is the display indent on the left side to show remaining ammunition, this is intended for viewing by a right handed user.

The sizing turned out nicely on the first print.

Painting not so great using basic acrylic paints - but they were left over and didn’t cost a cent!

Korben Dallas