Spice Rack

In sore need of more cupboard space, I identified my collection of nearly 20 different spices cluttering my cupboard that could be better organised… The need to organise these spices in a more visible location was really emphasised by the duplicate spice jars.

Spice collection of 14 unique spices (duplicates not pictured)

I experimented across a few different iterations trying to optimise the design to save on print time and material, however the earlier iterations did not secure the spice jars adequately. The third iteration increased capacity and added sections to mount the spice rack using medium sized command tabs so they’re easy to remove later.

Below, the rear side of iteration 3 and 4 are compared. Iteration 3 has indents for the command strips which had a negative impact on the print quality because of the small step. Iteration 4 removed the indents and reduced the overall wall thickness, cutting out sections from the rear face to further reduce material usage and speed up print time.

The adhesive strips are great if you want to remove and reposition later.

Whilst fairly simple, the design is clean and robust. It accepts circular and square jars up to 42mm x 42mm and leaves enough room to read the labels clearly.